Aug 12, 2017

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Promotional Tables or Couters: What is a Better Choice

Trade show counters and tables can perform the same functions at a venue, that’s why we see both of them quite often at promotional events of any type. But there are also some differences between them making the use of one or the other more convenient in different situation. In this article we highlight the main features of promotional tables and counters so that you can make a smart choice for the next show.

Creating an environment

If your business is B2B oriented your foremost goal must be creating a professional environment emphasizing that you are a serious business structure. In this case counters will be a perfect choice. They have a strict austere appearance and are mostly used for different business functions. Tables, on the contrary, have much wider areas of application, that’s why they are not associated only with business. Moreover, most of the tables are covered with table throws or runners that create a more welcoming and warm atmosphere, more suitable for B2C oriented companies. In case, if there is a chance of long negotiations and you may need to seat your business partners it is better to select a table regardless of what orientation your business have.


The main functions of a counter at a trade show is to welcome a visitor at a booth, provide him/her with informational support, create a working station for staff and to place some collateral on. If your operational activity at a show requires from the furniture to perform only these functions you can safely choose a counter. But if you want to expand these functions a table would be a more favorable choice. You need to create a working station for two people without assigning more space on the floor – no problem; a standard trade show table can give seats for two. Need a surface for arranging a tasting? A table can lend it. Do you want to set up a table top display? Put it on a table. So, as we see, tables are more versatile pieces of furniture.


There are dozens of options of trade show counters. Most of them are prone to branding making them a promotional tool as well. Design variation is also impressive – they can be different in shape, size, construction, can be multi leveled and with other features. When it comes to trade show tables the selection in more modest. Trade show organizer, most likely, will provide you with bulky wooden tables or you can rent/purchase a portable table – 6ft, 8ft or round are basically all the choice you have. So if you want to have something different than a standard looking table your pick is a counter. Besides, most of the tables look too sad without a table throw, and it is an additional cost item.

Space consumption

Usually a counter is more compact and it is beneficial if your display has a limited space. Tables are usually bigger, so if you are not pressed for space and you want to create a spacious area for your clients and stuff a table is more felicitous choice.


On a whole a counter will cost at least twice more expensive than a table due to a more sophisticated construction and graphic panels. In addition, most trade show organizers will provide you with a table for free or at a little additional cost. Both counters and tables can be also rented to reduce the cost. But even the renting option implies that you actually need to buy graphic panels with custom printed images. In case you want to improve the look of a table you will need to purchase a table cover.

The cost of maintenance of these two items is about the same. Both counters and tables are lightweight and portable; you tear them down for shipping and storing so they don’t require much investment when they are not used.

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